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M3 Spot

Modeling/rendering/animation/voice/storyboard by Rogelio Garcia
Additional Credits: Fabiola Alcantara, Mónica Hernández, Melina de la Torre, Ruben Vargas and Daniel Fitch. Music from


Flash animation for school project. Mixed music from World of Warcraft, The Doors and Call of Duty. Some modified models form Half-Life 2 and UT2k4. Requires Flash Player 7 or higher


Mechanical Arm design, modeling, rigging, and animation of some scenes by Rogelio Garcia.
Additional Credits: Carmen Alvarez, Zafiro Bravo, David Garcia, Mónica Hernández and Yamil Perez.

Clones Recreation

Recreation of a scene from Star Wars Episode II. Model and Texture of the Gunship by Rogelio Garcia. Additional Credits: David Garcia, Gabriel Guerra, Yamil Perez, and Ruben Vargas.